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Francesca Blasi was born in Porto San Giorgio on 23 July 1974,
She lives and works in Fermo.
After graduating in 1992 at the School of Arts and Ceramics Section of
Fermo, and in 1999 with honors at the School of Sculpture in the
Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna.
She attended the International Courses of Artistic Engraving, directs
courses in sculpture at the Elementary School, has taught Design of
Ceramics at the Art Institute of Fermo.
Participate in contests and exhibitions, in the 1999 won with
“Manufolie”, the Award of Sculpture “Quinto Ghermandi” in Bologna,
In the 2001 the first solo, “Upstairs.”
She participate at severals national and international symposiums of
stone sculpture, she won in 2002 with the work “Aqua Vitae”, the
second prize in the International Symposium of marble sculpture in

“Extempory” Sculpture Symposium of refractory ceramic material in
Spinetoli (Ascoli Piceno).

“Eliminations 1997 – Ex vote: the Grace returned” Collective
Exhibition of Sculptures in miniature format.
Art Gallery of San Luca in Bologna, and Church of the Pio Suffrage,
Temple of the Fallen in Fusignano, Ravenna.

Participate at the Draft City Theatre Set Design & Sculpture “The
Walking Theatre” by the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna in the
Municipality of Cesenatico and San Pietro Terme, Bologna.

“Dedicated to St. Luca” Collective Exhibition of Religious Art in St.
Stephen’s Basilica, the Benedictine Cloister, (Bologna).

“Quinto Ghermandi” Award in Crevalcore, Bologna. He won the first
prize for sculpture, reserved for graduates from 1992 and graduating
from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence & Bologna.

“National Award Maurizio Marchese”, photo group in “La Cuba d’Oro”
Gallery (Roma).

“Tomb and Womb” Collective Sculpture of Sacred Art in the Hall of
Teatini the Basilica of Saints Bartholomew and Gaetano in Bologna and
in the Church of St. Apollinaris in San Giovanni in Persiceto,
“Migration in December 2000″ Installation of 30 wading in beeswax,
Mancini Art Gallery in Montegranaro (Fermo).

“Theatre for opera” Written by John Prosperi, narrator Barbara Mancini
works for the theater “The wading bird”. Mancini Art Gallery,
Montegranaro (Fermo).
Staff “Upstairs” at Mancini Art Gallery, Montegranaro (Fermo).
“Notes from the twentieth century” tribute to Gottardo Mancini
Collective (gallerist), held in the Mancini Art Gallery, Montegranaro
“Daily 01″ Young Italian Artists Collective from the archive held in
the St. Antonio Civic Museum, (Padova).
“For the gift of forgetfulness” Collective at Mancinia Art Gallery,